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January 7, 2018

10. A Ghost Story. 

9. The Florida Project.

8. The Shape of Water. 

7. The Beguiled.

6. Columbus. 

5. Lady Bird. 

4. Raw. 

3. Good Time. 

2. The Killing of a Sacred Deer. 

1. Call Me By Your Name. 

Honorable Mentions (Including 2016 Movies)

Get Out, 20th Century Women, KRISH...

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January 7, 2018

August 4, 2017

November 22, 2016

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Now I’ve never really felt like minority.

But how come when I walk around I feel less than the priority?

You don’t see, you can’t see me.

You don’t choos...

Ya Basta (Enough)

August 4, 2017

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